About Us

Each wardrobe purchase we make, we think about how it pans with our image and how it sits with other items in our closet. But how often do we think beyond ourselves? We live in a connected world. Every purchase decision of ours affects the sustainability of our plant in some way. For those whose concerns transcend their own selves, Protect Tee offers a range of organic clothing. Our aim is to change the way we dress and make organic clothing an industry standard.

Protect Tee is committed to its’ principles of manufacturing affordable organic clothing so that it is available to everyone. Rather than creating a certain type of clothing for a specific market, our goal is to bring organic clothing to all segments of the market. It is not just beneficial for the ones who wear organic t shirts but also to those that don’t. Protect tee is a planet-conscious business that wants to promote organic clothing made in USA that is within reach of everyone. It is our belief that sustainable living is everyone’s right and we want to make our organic t shirts available to everyone. Protect tee’s commitment to sustainability is not a fixed target.

We are constantly improving our sustainability levels in all aspects of our business whether it is to use the minimum amount of resources to produce our organic clothing or improving efficiency levels in our supply chain and shipping plans. At Protect tee, we are constantly evaluating our business processes and finding areas for improvement. It is not just our business model to brand and sell organic clothing, we are committed to the values we espouse. From production to packaging, Protect tee is setting the standards in the world of organic clothing.

At Protect-Tee, our innovation does not only lie in our use of machinery and mechanical processes. We innovate through our approach to sustainability and how we address the growing need of clothing items with nature-preserving tools. Protect tee attracts fashion-aware people to create ecologically-conscious organic clothing items that simultaneously satisfy our clothing and environmental needs. We source the best available material and great quality organic clothing that lasts for a long time.

Our focus is as much on sustainability as it is on delivering quality to our customers through our affordable organic clothing line. Our dedicated team of designers and manufacturers are always looking to innovate to make our organic clothing made in USA more sustainable and affordable.


Protect-Tee is all about inclusivity and we hold it as a principle that guides us in all our endeavors. As a brand, we want our customers to not only share our values but we take great pride in the fact that they choose us to represent their values.


Protect tee’s aim is to vindicate the trust that they put in us. For this reason, we source the highest quality organic material to manufacture our organic clothing that doesn’t only look good but also meets the sustainable standards our customers have come to expect of us.